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Why Thailand?

Thailand is the most popular medical tourism destination in Asia. 


Thailand’s medical tourism industry is rising, pushing other countries to the bottom of the list.


 Since the early 2000s, the number of medical tourists visiting Thailand has significantly increased.


As a result, the country has risen to the top of the international medical tourism sector.

The following are the primary factors that have allowed Thailand to dominate this rapidly expanding market:

Low cost of medical treatment
High quality private medical center treatment
A well-developed tourism industry


Prefer Check Up With Ease? 

We also can help your stay in Thailand as we have a physical shop located in prime area since 2017! 

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About Our Company

All praise is due to Allah , our company is a group company started from Japan, branched out to Thailand and Bangladesh.

ARN GLOBAL with pics, location and business

Our CEO of ARN GLOBAL, Reo Ridwan Tanakai, Japanese has been living in Thailand for over 11 Years. 

We love to treat our guest well as it is a good deed.

We have partnered with exclusive travel agency in Thailand who can speak Bengali. 

You can contact us anytime as we have multiple staffs waiting to serve you.

Our Story

Our company started with passion of serving every customers with good intention.

Indeed every good action can only be done with good intetion.

Our company has been established in Japan from 2016 as an garment business and business consultancy.

Later, we branched out our garment  business to Thailand and Indonesia. Thanks to Allah, we have over 15 sellers including 2 in Thailand and 2 in Indonesia.

We have alot of experience in tourism as we have travelled over 20 countries. From North American continent to Middle East.

We will support you with professionality on our mind.

Just add us on whatsapp and your travel is a waiting for you Insha allah!