Bangkok Safari World Private One Day Tour ​

About Safari world

Safari world covers an area of some 170 acres and is divided into 2 parts, the first, Safari Park, houses a large variety of animals like Zebra, Deer, Giraffe, Birds, Tigers, Lion, Bears, etc. in natural habitat—The second, the       Marine Park, exhibits marine and some rare animals. You can enjoy performances by trained animals like Dolphins, Birds, Seals and Monkeys. It is an easy drive through        experience and you wont get tired from the little walking there is. Take pictures with parrots and see a live action show and much

Enjoy the Safari World and explore the wild side of Thailand!

Starts at 8 AM, we will pick you up at your place.

You will be able to visit

  • Adventure into Safari Park
  • Set out on a journey through the animal kingdom of Safari Park, home to a diverse array of wildlife including giraffes, zebras, white tigers, and lions.
  • Friendly Tour Guide will guide you to the adventure. No worries. Just have fun!
  • Orang Utan Boxing Show. See the explosive fight match!
  • Sea Lion Show! Beautiful Well trained sea lion is waiting for you so you will be amazed.
  • Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show. The show will take you to wild west era of cowboys and bandits fight for power with the gun, bullwhips, and horse plays.
  • International Buffet Lunch at air conditioned restaurant.
  • Dolphin Show. Did you know that Dolphine is the most intelligent of marine creatures?  It will do the tricks that you cannot imagine! Watch it do the tricks in front of you in this show.
  • Spy war. Hold on to your seat for the adventure of rapid crossfire on the sea, thunderous explosions and breathtaking  stunts in the theater. A truly earth shattering experience not to be missed!
  • Bird show. See how the feathered lovely animal fly to you!


Safari World Full Day Tour Itinerary:

08:00 – Pick up tourists from various points.

09:30 – Arrive at Safari World and start the adventure in Safari Park. Explore the wildlife up close and personal.

10:10 – Orangutan Boxing Show – Witness the humor and mathematical gifts of our closest cousins as they take center stage and dazzle you with their tricks.

11:20 – Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show – Immerse yourself in the lawless territory of the wild west, where cowboys and bandits compete for power with knock-downs, gunfights, bullwhips, fistfights, and horseplay.

12:00 – Enjoy an International Buffet Lunch at an air-conditioned restaurant.

13:00 – Dolphin Show – Be captivated by the intelligence of these marine creatures as they perform incredible tricks.

14:10 – Spy War Show – Hold on to your seats as you witness a thrilling spectacle of rapid crossfire, explosions, and breathtaking para-trooping stunts in a state-of-the-art amphitheater.

15:15 – Bird Show – Marvel at the feathered friends as they demonstrate their impressive flying skills.

16:30 – Transport back to the hotel.

Please note that the timings provided are approximate and may vary depending on traffic conditions and other factors.


1200 Baht

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